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Shoei NXR 2 Scanner

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The ShoeiNXR 2 Scanner is a premium sports-touring full-face, certified to the latest ECE 22-06 safety standards.

Developed within Shoei's state-of-the-art wind tunnel test facility, the NXR 2 is designed to be as light, compact and protective as possible whilst adhering to the new ECE22/06 certification for motorcycle helmets. To do this, the NXR 2 utilises their proprietary AIM technology (advanced integrated matrix) which consists of a blend of organic and multi-composite fibres alongside a multi-density EPS lining to achieve outstanding shock absorption and a weight of just 1390 grams.

The ventilation system has been optimised and enlarged from the previous NXR, and features new multiple vent and extraction points, including six inlets on the brow and chin, and four outlets at the rear, for guaranteed fresh airflow throughout. A new CWR-F2 visor has also been added, creating a greater peripheral vision, improved demisting and significantly reduced wind noise thanks to the improved visor seal. The visor's locking mechanism has been repositioned centrally to reduce repetitive stress and increase its lifespan.

The EQRS security system allows paramedics to easily remove the lid in the event of an emergency. The advanced comfort interior boasts moisture-wicking properties for all-ride comfort and is ready-prepared to accommodate an intercom system seamlessly in the lining. The helmet's four different shell sizes (2XS-S/M/L/XL-2XL) ensure a more custom fit than most motorcycle helmets and is secured with a D-ring retention strap.


Shell in AIM
Organic fibre and multi-composite fibres
Multi-density EPS-liner
CWR-F2 visor system with Pinlock antifog
Double D-ring strap
Easy to use, always perfectly adjusted
Aerodynamic shape with spoiler
Multiple venting and extraction
Inlets at the chin and forehead
Detachable and washable 3D-center pad, cheek pads and chin strap cover
E.Q.R.S system
4 different outer shell constructions