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Alpinestars are experts in motorcycle clothing and have further developed a revolutionary technology to assure the safety of motorcycle riders, both on the road and on the track. 

Tech Air is one of the first integrated airbag systems completely independent of the motorcycle, providing upper body protection ahead of the first impact in a crash between the rider and a vehicle or obstacle. 

The system can be worn underneath a variety of garment styles with the majority available in the Wheels Motorcycles Clothing Store. The architecture is designed to be lightweight, durable yet still comfortable for long-range performance riding protection. Riders can choose between two setups; race and street, both available to operate with a diverse range of compatible garments. 

This technology is unique as it gives a complete 360-degree coverage of the upper body, protecting the back, shoulders, kidney area, chest and upper abdomen. 

Tech Air prides itself on allowing riders to feel safe no matter what the road is or its conditions and all its components are fit to operate in extreme temperatures as low as -10 degrees. 

It operates using three electronic sensors which are incorporated into the system chassis making it fully self-contained and giving the rider greater freedom and reliability. The system does not need to be tethered to the vehicle and is completely independent of the GPS communication.  

With an automatic sleep mode that is activated when you aren't riding, it has 25 hours of battery life, with a certified and integrated lithium-ion battery. Riders can keep a close eye on the system status using the intelligent LED panel that is easily readable on the left sleeve so the rider can check the status safely and easily.

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