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Kriega Luggage - Essential for Bikers

Kriega Luggage - Essential for Bikers

Kriega is one of the most well-established motorcycle luggage brands out there, designed by motorcyclists who were well aware of the struggle to find high-quality, well-designed motorcycle luggage.

They offer a huge range of luggage choices for motorcyclists but one of the products that stands out the most is the US Drypack range. It’s renowned for versatility and is something that every biker should own. Each US Drypack can be combined with other US Drypack sizes to create a modular Kriega luggage system. It’s waterproof and is universally-fitting to any motorcycle. With size ranges from 5 Litres to 30 Litres there is a Drypack to suit everyone, no matter how much luggage you take with you on your journeys. The Kriega luggage packs can also be purchased in a ‘combo’ which varies between 30 Litres and 70

Litres. The combo consists of 2-3 US Drypack bags, including all straps and fittings with each item capable of being used on its own.

There is no need to buy any rain covers for the Kriega Drypack range as each bag is made from high quality 100% waterproof material with a weatherproof roll-top closure and a water-resistant zip. To fill you with even more confidence when purchasing your Kriega products, they also come with a 10-year guarantee.

The US Drypacks are to be mounted on the subframe with subframe loops included in your purchase. There are however a few new models of motorcycle that don’t have a visible subframe to be mounted to, so a range of fitting kits have been designed by Kriega for these models which are sold separately.

If that wasn’t all, the US Drypacks can be converted into tank bags by using the Kriega Tank converter fitting which has a scratch-resistant base holding the pack firmly in position. Kriega has also added a quick release buckle that gives easy access to the fuel filler. 

Kriega has revolutionised motorcycle luggage with the variety and quality of the products they offer. Shop Kriega in-store and online at Wheels Motorcycles. 

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